This Friday, November 9th, we’re hosting a VIP party for our Club X VIP members. The VIP party will take place above the main bar in the front room. It will include a private seating area along with complimentary desserts and beverages. You’re welcome to bring 1 guest into the VIP party. If you’d like to bring more, use the submission form below to add their names to the VIP guest list. Your guests will be given free admission before midnight. We look forward to seeing you!

For more info about this Friday’s event, and the guest list submission form, scroll down!


The Chainsmokers Tribute -- Select Details:
+ Hosted by WiLD 94.9
+ Chainsmokers Give-Aways
+ Remixes & Mash-Ups
+ Chainsmokers Visuals
+ Surprise On Stage Contest
+ DJ Magic Matt & DJ Stewie
+ Go-Go Balconies Above Main Dance Floor 
+ State of the Art Sound + Lighting
+ VIP Membership Give-Away - Dress your best and be selected to receive a VIP membership. (This will give you free admission every Friday.) 
+ State of the Art Sound + Lighting

Enter your guest list into the form below. Your guest list is unlimited - enter as many names as you'd like. You can submit multiple forms - if you need to add more last minute names, you don't need to resubmit your entire list. All of your guests will receive free admission before midnight (instead of $20).

The club opens at 10PM.
For any questions, email
Or text him at (707) 416-9804

When you're finished, click 'SUBMIT' on the bottom of the form.

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Enter your guest list below, one name per line, first and last names. You can enter as many names as you'd like. Example: Jane Doe Matt Ryans Karla Swanson Etc.