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Add your name or multiple names to our guest list with the form below.
You and your guests will receive $5 admission (instead of $20).
You can add multiple names.
You must add your name(s) before 7PM on Friday.
You can send in an unlimited number of forms.  Don't resubmit the same names.
The event starts at 10:00PM.
You must check in at the guest list podium before 11:00PM.
Ages: 18+ | Full Bar for the 21+
Address: 715 Harrison St. in San Francisco
Dress Code: Semi-Formal

If you have any questions / concerns, text Kai at (707) 416-9804
If you have any problems with your guest list at the nightclub, ask for Kai.

S1NGLE (Ages 18+) -- February 2nd -- Select Details:
+ Complimentary Dippin' Dots 😋
+ Most Likes Competition: Red glowing necklaces will be handed out to everyone in the nightclub, whoever ends up with the most necklaces wins an APPLE WATCH. Want to win? Introduce yourself to someone new! Try to convince them to give you their necklace! 👍
+ Jumbo-Sized Tinder Photo-Booth: Take a photo behind a huge version of the app 😂
+ Show your Tinder App before 10:30PM for $5 admission.
+ VIP Membership Give-Away - Dress your best and be selected to receive a VIP membership. (This will give you free admission every Friday.) 💎
+ State of the Art Sound + Lighting ✨
+ Two Dance Floors | Top 40 Hits | 15,000 Square Feet 🎶
+ Go-Go Balconies Above Main Dance Floor 💃

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